Critical Dimensional Measurement Systems imaging and measuring the impossible

VIEW systems are designed for measurement of parts and assemblies with complex dimensions and a high density of features. They include the most advanced QVI technologies for high accuracy, repeatability, and throughput.
Mechanical Design  |  Optics  |  Sensor Integration  |  Software

Advanced video analysis technique that uses video and turns it into a 3D image
Exclusive CiC technique can map a large surface area, stitching together
Attribute inspection applications, true color processing is now possible

Projecting a grid of lines onto the part surface to determine the optimum focus 

Each measurement may be programmed to best illuminate the feature of interest

Support a variety of laser sensors for height / depth and surface profile measurements 

Robust platforms providing structural integrity, thermal stability and vibration isolation 

Inspect a surface of a part, and then inspect another surface of the part 

A choice of optical systems to best suit the measurement application at hand 

Application Study Performed on Your Parts

For a NO COST high-performance dimensional measurement systems application study